management team

Ignacio Pérez Dolset

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Ilion Animation Studios.

Ignacio, 45, founded Ilion in 2002 and is the chief artist of the studio.

Ignacio Pérez Dolset has an extensive entrepreneurial history in the digital sector, taking a decisive role in the creation of Proein in 1993, one of the principal video-game distribution companies in Spain. Years later, in 1998, he was responsible for the best-selling video game saga Commandos with his new company Pyro Studios – a leading video game developer in Europe. In 2002 Ignacio Pérez Dolset created Ilion Animation Studios, launching its first animated feature film, Planet 51, in 2009.

He is currently a founding member of a pioneering project: a University specialized on digital education: University Center for Technology and Digital Art, U- tad.

Jose San Román

CEO of Ilion Animation Studios.

Jose San Román, 47, joined Ilion Animation Studios in 2011 to work with Ignacio on the development of the studio into a full-fledged animation powerhouse.

He had spent 15 years working in London as an investment banker for entities like J.P.Morgan and Lehman Brothers specializing in corporate finance and capital markets. From 2005 on though, he ventured into several new projects: founding an office rental business in Shanghai (Anken Warehouse), building a factory for cardiovascular training machines in Madrid (Cardgirus), restructuring and running as the CEO a 3D animation studio in La Coruña, Spain (Dygra Films), and working in the digital and health sectors.

Jose earned his B.S.B.A. from the School of Management at Boston University in 1991 and a Corporate Finance degree from London Business School in 1996.

Jose is a dual U.S. and Spanish citizen.

gonzaloRuedaGonzalo Rueda

CTO of Ilion Animation Studios.

Gonzalo Rueda, 38, joined Ilion Animation Studios in 2002 as CTO/COO, where he is responsible for defining the computer graphics pipeline.

Gonzalo has over 16 years of experience in the computer graphics industry, focusing on computer animated film production technologies and commercial CG software development. His international upbringing allowed him to work as a senior developer and R&D manager at several different companies in various countries around the world (Australia, Canada & United States) Gonzalo is also CEO of Animated Pixel (A commercial software development company focused on computer graphics.)

Gonzalo is bi-lingual in English & Spanish, as well as speaking fluent French.