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Set Up & Rigging Supervisor

Department: Set Up & Rigging


Define the rigging and skinning style of the feature film with the Animation Director and supervise a team of rigging artists.

Main responsibilities

• Responsible for defining the rigging and skinning style of the feature film with the Animation Director.
• Supervise the Set Up department staff, assigning the workload to each artist.
• Approve the deformations in animation shots before showing them to the Animation Director and Animation Leads.
• Responsible together with the Production Department of defining and executing the set up production schedule
• Collaborate with the VFX Supervisor and the Head of Production with the creation of the Set Up Department pipeline and organizing working methodologies.
• Responsible with the VFX Supervisor and the Head of Production and CG Supervisors, of defining and optimizing the technology needs of property and commercial software, according to the budget and visual style of the film.
• Establish strong communication and working methodologies with modeling and CFX Departments. It is a shared responsibility to approve with the supervisors the topologies for characters and props.
• Communicate the creative concept to his department and supervise the quality of the work, the fulfilment of deadlines and the production methodologies.
• Work closely with the Animation Director to identify potentially problematic areas of the film’s production rigging and skinning, simulations and soft bodies, and work to find solutions that meet the movie’s creative as well as production needs.
• Open lines of communication with other departments and department heads.
• Partner with CG Supervisors, CFX Supervisor and Characters Modeling Supervisor in defining characters pipeline.
• Deliver reviews with Head of Production to crew members; help manage career growth of staff; provide recommendations for promotions.


• 3 years of experience as a Supervisor or at least 5 years Lead experience.
• Experience of 5 or more years in CG animation production for television, film, games or visual effects.
• Deep knowledge of Maya.
• Strong eye for character modeling, shapes and silhouette.
• Good understanding of 3D computer graphics theory and practice.
• Good understanding of shape, composition, physical motion, weight and balance.
• Knowledge of animator principles.
• Advanced English level

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