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Render Wrangler

Department: Render Wrangling


Ilion Animation Studios is seeking for Render Wranglers to monitor and control the rendering process and manage the render farm.

Main responsibilities

• Monitor and control the rendering process and manage the render farm
• Check the computers to ensure there are no technical or machine problems which might interfere with a successful output for rendering
• Prioritize the work and allocate machines for an efficient rendering
• Technical Testing to determine any upstream setup problems
• Follow-up with other departments while troubleshooting issues until a resolution is reached
• Test new software maps and/or features needed


• Experience in scripting is desirable but not essential
• Level of English: Medium-High required
• Knowledge of Maya (and familiarity with other programs can be an advantage
• Ability to learn new software quickly, and learn on the job, if necessary
• Enthusiasm to learn and develop professionally
• Ability to analyze and problem solve
• Capacity to take responsibility and ability to manage and prioritize their time and workload
• Ability to record information accurately and produce reports
• Ability to take instructions and work as part of a team, with the capacity to work with a minimum of supervision, when required
• Ability to work under pressure if required
• respect for the procedures and requirements of a particular studio, production or pipeline
• Strong communication, written and verbal, skills
• Ability to anticipate problems
• Attention to detail
• Creativity and innovation
• Commitment
• Flexibility and adaptability

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