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Production Supervisor

Department: Production


The Production Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of all processes, procedures, outputs and deliverables for a group of departments and ensuring the outputs and interactions of animation are aligned with production.

Main responsibilities

• Is responsible for managing the Production Coordinators, Production Assistants and his/her departments’ crew
• Collaborates with the Assoc. Production Manager and Production Manager in maintaining the master schedule for production
• Partners with supervisors in the set-up and running of departments
• Works with the CG Sup in order to coordinate the technical challenges involved with the deadlines of departments
• Works with Production Management to meet overall production scheduling and budget requirements and helps to ensure the budget and scheduling are updated as changes are made to the film’s production flow and/or staffing profile. Understands how changes may affect the budget, scheduling and overtime &communicates the impact of changes to the Production Manager
• Looks ahead to ensure that weekly quotas, department milestones & inventory expectations are met. Strategizes with Department Head, production management and possibly other Production Supervisors to resolve any productivity and/or inventory issues
• Creates and maintains reports that clearly illustrate department and individual artist productivity
• Collaborates with Dept. Head to cast assignments and issue deadlines to artists
• Performs walk-arounds to check in with the crew
• Attends Director approvals and helps to drive this meeting
• Maintain production reporting and production data in the studio´s production database. Collaborate with production supervisors, coordinators and assistants to keep all data accurate and current
• Displays leadership and helps maintain a positive team environment
• Checks in with department head and production team on a regular basis to discuss challenges, acknowledge successes and discuss morale issues
• Manages inventory flow in/out of departments
• Sets expectations at meetings and Director Approvals and is able to identify which notes should be addressed at a later time
• Regularly assesses where the departments are at and comes up with strategies to catch-up or maintain productivity
• Works with the Coordinators and PA’s to prioritize their daily workloads and has regular weekly meetings with them
• Mentoring and developing of Production Coordinators and PAs
• Creates a crew environment within the departments and helps in keeping morale positive on the film
• Manages crew’s schedule and approves vacations
• In conjunction with the Production Manager and Head of Production help provide guidance and support to the department heads
• Works with the Head of Production on managing projects in development
• Spread the love amongst the production so our team grows and learns together


• Excellent working knowledge of film production pipeline and methodologies
• Experience working cross-site with remote crews on 2+ films is preferred
• Demonstrated ability to effectively foster relationships
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Software requirements: ShotGun, Microsoft Excel and Word, Outlook/Gmail and knowledge of production tracking databases
• Fluency in English is required. Fluency in Spanish is a plus.

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