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Previs/Layout Junior Artist

Department: Layout


lion Studios is seeking a Layout Junior Artist to generating the previsualization of the film and refining the final camera movements, in accordance with the established storytelling guidelines, working closely with the Layout Leads.

Main responsibilities

• Work on the creation of the movie preview stream, according to the Director guidelines and reporting to the lead.
• Work with Layout Lead to build simple schematics for set & prop models.
• Create a rough layout, defining a blocking of character animation and cameras, following the previously marked storytelling.
• Ensure a proper breakdown of the scene as well as Good management of their own work.
• Work on camera refine.


• Knowledge of Maya.
• Artistic skills including knowledge on the basics of composition and perspective.
• Understands cameras, staging, composition, pacing, timing, general filmmaking concepts.
• Knowledge of Animation is a must
• Comfortable creating basic assets
• Respect for the procedures and requirements of the studio, production and pipeline.
• Attention to detail.
• Clear, communication skills
• English is a must

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