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Layout Senior Artist

Department: Layout


To generate the previsualization of the film and refine the final camera movements, in accordance with the established storytelling guidelines, working closely with the Layout Leads.

Main responsibilities

• Work on the creation of the movie preview stream, according to the Director guidelines and reporting to the lead.
• Work with Layout Lead and Art Director to design and build simple schematics for set& prop models.
• Create a rought layout, defining a blocking of character animation and cameras, following the previously marked storytelling.
• Create the atmosphere of a scene including lighting effects and narrative.
• Ensure a proper breakdown of the scene as well as good management of their own work.
• Work on camera refine.
• Collaborates with other teams, when it’s necessary.


• Extensive knowledge of Maya
• More than 6 years of professional experience.
• 5 or more years’ experience in the animation industry
• Experience with Lighting will be a plus
• Demonstrable artistic skills including a strong sense of composition and perspective, the ability to create atmosphere and good understanding of editing
• Understanding of cameras, staging, composition, pacing, timing, general filmmaking concepts, both in animation and live action contexts
• Able to field and address complex notes
• Must be responsive to deadlines and work well under pressure.
• Comfortable creating basic assets
• Attention to detail
• Respect for the procedures and requirements of the studio, production and pipeline
• Clear, Professional communication skills
• English is a must

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