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Editorial Assistant

Department: Editorial


Receiving, organizing and importing materials from client Editorial, building and burning the animatic and editorial cuts and finally exporting and archiving the materials.
Help editing projects such as internal videos, highlight reels, web videos. Also creates motion graphics animations to be used in stand alone or internal projects.

Main responsibilities

• Touch point person with the client, for editorial tasks.
• Review client Editorial material delivered to create a shot decision list
• Track client Editorial changes and publish reports to Ilion production departments.
• Build and maintain media for reviews and client deliveries.
• Dubbing, audio editing and media compressing for animation department.
• Demo reels and teasers editing.
• Gather and archive media for Ilion projects.


• At least 1 year of proven working experience in video editing with digital technology and non linear editing software packages Final Cut Pro,Adobe Premiere and Avid.
• Extensive knowledge of codecs and transcoding procedures.
• Knowledge of The Foundry Nuke Studio and/or The Foundry Flix is a plus.
• Knowledge of Autodesk Shotgun and Tweak RV
• Familiarity with Compressor, Quicktime Pro, Adobe Photoshop and The Foundry Nuke
• Familiarity with office software such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint.

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