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Crowd TD

Department: Crowds


Become a part of the crew of crowd team in Ilion in charge of developing and maintaining the crowd simulation system within our existing pipeline. The crowd TD will report to the Crowd Supervisor and CG Supervisor.

Main responsibilities

• Design crowd character behavior from scratch within Golaem.
• Apply creative and technical skills to create great-looking crowds
• Create crowd versions of character geometry, materials, and rigs with an eye toward variation and efficiency
• Developing crowds techniques, tools and automatization
• Works closely with the R&D staff to develop software support tools and assist with integration tasks, particularly with Arnold, our renderer.
• Capability to organize and maintain complex crowd data
• Ability for cycles and assets database management and share data to all parts of the pipeline.
• Shots assistant and troubleshooting technical issues
• Works on production sequences to produce crowd shots from several to thousand agents crowd framework.
• In charge of visualization and final crowd shots
• Identify and breakdown behaviors into cycles for artists to animate
• Work with the larger production to populate shots with crowds from early layout to final rendering
• Be a strong collaborator during brainstorming and problem-solving sessions
• Identify opportunities to share knowledge and educate others on production process


• Production experience in computer animation, visual effects, or game industry
• Understanding of crowds system: agents, behavior, simulation
• Strong proficiency with Maya
• Strong proficiency with scripting languages (i.e. Maya Mel, Python, etc.) C/C++ is a plus.
• Rigging experience is a plus
• Cloth simulation experience is a plus
• Houdini and Massive knowledge is a plus
• Animation experience will be the bigger plus (If you are a good cycle animator we are so interested)

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