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Crowd TD

Department: Crowd


Become a part of the crew of crowd team in Skydance in charge of developing and maintaining the crowd simulation system within our existing pipeline.

Main responsibilities

o Good taste composing camera shots using crowd agents
o Keep up on current artistic methodologies and on technology trends and tools that best suit the production and the company, in the development of a stronger creative and technical environment
o Developing crowd techniques, tools and automatization
o Works closely with the R&D staff to develop software support tools and assist with integration tasks, particularly with Arnold, our renderer.
o Shots assistant and troubleshooting technical issues
o Works on production sequences to produce crowd shots from several to thousand agents crowd framework.
o Maintain a consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work.
o Works together with the team providing them with support, guidance and instruction in areas that contribute towards their artistic and professional growth.
o Follows supervisor’s and lead’s guidance
o Capability to organize and maintain complex crowd data
o Ability for cycles and assets database management and share data to all parts of the pipeline.


• Professional experience:
o Over 4 years of professional experience in VFX or animation industries
o At least 3 year of experience in the animation industry
o Professional experience in shot crowd films

• Artistic and or Technical qualifications:
o Understanding of crowd system: agents, behavior, simulation
o Strong proficiency with Maya
o Strong proficiency with scripting languages (i.e. Maya Mel, Python, etc.) C/C++.
o Rigging experience is a plus
o Animation experience is a plus
o Cloth simulation experience is a plus
• Language qualifications:
o High English level desirable

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