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Crowd Supervisor

Department: Crowds


Works closely with VFX Supervisor and CG Supervisor to maintain the integrity of the Character Design, Animation and Look of Film, as related to Crowds. Will contribute to shot production for Crowds Animation and associated workflow, and participate in developing any new technology required to meet the specific creative and technical needs of a show.

Main responsibilities

Creative and Technical:
• Facilitate interdepartmental communication, dependencies, and technical problem solving related to Crowd Animation production. Anticipate production problems.
• Participate in the development and management of the department workflow.
• Identify potential exposures to problems and elevate concerns to the VFX & CG Supervisor.
• Lead department meetings, manage expectations and provide dept. updates during meetings.
• Troubleshoot creative/technical issues as they arise. Provide hands-on assistance to the Crowds Animators.
• Present Crowds elements in daily walkthroughs to VFX Supervisor and Head of Animation. Ensure notes from VFX Supervisor/Head of Animation are clear and concise for the crew.
• In collaboration with the production team, ensure on time delivery of Crowds elements within established production schedule.
• With the VFX Supervisor bid Crowds and Cycles in each sequence. Collaborate with production team regarding progress and setbacks of Crowd Animators as it relates to the original effects bid.
• With the VFX and/or Animation Supervisor, identify Crowds and Cycle needs as part of the bid.
• State potential technical or schedule implications when receiving comments on crowd elements relative to delivery dates.
• Perform daily one-on-one rounds with Crowd Artists critique work and assist with technical problem solving and determine when crowds are ready for review with VFX Supervisor.

• Work with CG Supervisors, TDs, R&D, Pipeline and Production Management to improve and evolve the production pipeline and methodologies.
• Communicate to CG Supervisors, R&D, Pipeline or VFX Supervisor requests for new tools and improvements to existing tools.
• Participate in technology meetings and other meeting as required to help evolve the toolset towards studio objectives.

• Appropriately elevate issues and solutions to VFX Supervisor or Production Management.
• Work closely with the Production Supervisor to manage the department, create the schedule and ensure quotas/deadlines are met for both shots and sequences.
• Work with the Production Supervisor on casting shots/assignments to Crowds artists.
• Responsible for improving the performance of artists on the team. Mentor artists to provide guidance, experience and insight.
• Responsible with Production Supervisor for maintaining crew morale. Foster good working atmosphere and ethics.
• Work with management in the casting and staffing of talent on the show.
• Help with recruiting and perform interviews. Ensure that new hires are provided the necessary training.
• Facilitate meetings with artists to keep the crew informed on show changes and requirements.
• Spread the love amongst fellow crowd artists so our team grows and learns together.


• 3 years of experience as a Supervisor or at least 5 years Lead experience.
• Experience of 5 or more years in CG animation production for television, film, games or visual effects.
• Experience building new pipelines a bonus.
• Professional experience in shot crowds films and programming knowledge, interfaces creation, task automation with programming (Python, Mel…)

• Strong working knowledge of AI systems such as Golaem, etc.
• Strong working knowledge of Maya
• Strong knowledge of procedural rendering in Arnold
• Good understanding of 3D computer graphics theory and practice.
• Good understanding of shape, composition, physical motion, weight and balance.
• Advanced English level
• Sense of humour

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