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Character FX Senior Artist (Groomer)

Department: Character FX


Create the highest quality grooms, hair shading lookdev and dynamics for the characters of the production.

Main responsibilities

• Create the groom & hair shading lookdev for main characters;
• Develop dynamic rigs for characters’ hair;
• Involvement in the development of departmental tools and techniques;
• Work closely with the Character FX Lead(s) and Supervisor to deliver the highest quality work, matching the picture style;
• Execute CFX work in shots, including but not limited to character simulations, geometry correctives, groom correctives;
• Work closely with production to ensure the desired work is delivered and that deadlines are met;

At least one of the following areas of expertise, and interest in learning the others:
• Creating groom, hair shading lookdev and dynamic hair rigs.
• Creating cloth simulation rigs.
• Creating high quality cloth, hair and skin simulations & correctives for shot work in production.


• Minimum 4 year of experience in a Grooming/Hair Lookdev/CFX or Technical Animator role in a production environment (asset);
• Strong working experience in grooming workflows, either proprietary or off-the-shelf
• Strong working experience in dynamics simulation engines.
• Good knowledge of Maya and xGen (required);
• Knowledge of anatomy, tailoring, physics (asset);
• Knowledge of other grooming and/or simulation tools: yeti, Ncloth, Nhair, proprietary (asset);
• Knowledge of Houdini (asset);
• Desirable experience scripting with Python, Maya API or Mel (asset);

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