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CG Supervisor

Department: Technical Supervision


The CG, in collaboration with the VFX Supervisor and the rest of CGs, works to oversee and determine the best technical approaches needed to achieve the desired look and behavior of the assets in a full computer animated feature film using computer animated graphics with the agree upon pipeline for the production.

He brings expertise in both technical and artistic aspects of production while working in collaboration with the CG Supervisors and various Dept. Heads. The standard of quality is established during exchanges with the Director(s), Producer(s) and VFX Supervisor. He must therefore be able to understand and interpret the creative direction of a film and also be conscious of the project’s budget and constraints set by the production team.

Main responsibilities

• Identify, define, prioritize and implement specific creative and production workflow process steps which will enhance the production’s creative tools.
• Remove technical complexity from the artists, so they can focus on the art.
• Keep up on current technology trends and tools (hardware and software) that best suit the production (and the Studio) in the development of a stronger creative technical environment.
• Collaborate with the rest of CGs, VFX Supervisor and Dept. Heads to establish new creative/technical workflow ideas and efficiencies while standardizing/ automating repetitive functions which don’t add creative value.
• Identify specific workflow steps where automation would remove labor hours that don’t add to the creative.
• Work closely with the VFX Supervisor and department supervisors to plan the production based on the budget constraints.
• Work with Technology, Visual Development and Production Management to define and produce R&D goals for the production. These goals should be based on the “Look of the Film”, the pipeline, and the workflow of departments.
• Give the CTO and Production Responsible and Studio Director updates on the status of production needs & developments.
• Work with Pipeline to communicate changes in workflow to Department Heads and Studio staff.
• Spread the love amongst fellow artists so our team grows and learns together.


• Minimum eight (8) years of work experience as a supervisor in a film production, animated TV or visual effects environment.
• Extensive knowledge of MAYA
• Thorough understanding of various technical and creative aspects of production for CG animation.
• Complete understanding of 3D production pipelines.
• Experience working with SHOTGUN
• Knowledge of NUKE is a plus.
• Ability to work efficiently with various personalities and different work styles.
• Ability to prioritize and work on multiple task at a time while remaining efficient and mindful of strict deadlines in a high-pressure environment.
• Proficiency in English.

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