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CFX Supervisor

Department: Character FX


Supervises a team of CFX artists in asset creation and during shot production, partnering with Character Supe, VFX Supe, CG Sup and Head of Production on the assigned shows

Main responsibilities

• Responsible of team of groomers, cloth & hair artists and other character TDs specialized in the creation of dynamic rigs for technical animation using procedural techniques.
• Communicate creative concept to the CFX team, supervise the quality of the work and, working closely with production, of the fulfillment of deadlines.
• Part of cfx artist hiring, on-going feedback
• During character development:
• Partner with Chars Sup, Head of Animation, Rigging Sup, Character Modeling, along with VFX Sup, in defining the correct methodologies for CFX
• Define the workflows and techniques more appropriate for each challenge, including grooming, cloth rigs, fat/skin setups, etc.
• Coordinate with CG Sup and R&D new needs in development for the upcoming challenges.
• Guide artistically the look of grooming in CFX prior to reviewing with Chars Supe, VFX Sup and Art Director/Director, in coordination with the Shading Supervisor.
• Make sure CFX setups are production ready when quota starts.
• During shot production:
• Assign shots to the team based on the previous selection and assists them during quota until final approval
• Filters work before presenting it to the VFX Supervisor/Art Director/Director for approval
• Raises concerns and challenges whenever they may arise that may affect production quota


• 3 years of experience as a Supervisor or at least 5 years Lead experience.
• Experience of 10 or more years in CG animation production for television, film, games or visual effects.

QUALIFICATIONS: • Extensive knowledge of procedural systems for technical animation on characters
• Experience with xGen, Yeti, Shave&Haircut or other grooming and simulation systems.
• Experience with nCloth, Qualoth, Marvellous Designer.
• Experience with Houdini or Maya. Knowledge of Arnold and shading
• Experience building pipelines

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