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The tough upbringing on a Glasgow council estate as the ‘queer son of an alcoholic mother’ behind Man Booker Prize winner Douglas Stuart’s debut novel

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Glasgow was the first city to introduce stricter rules on Airbnb but it is understood Edinburgh has now introduced a similar policy.

  • Tree belts survive along the north drive and river, on the western boundary and around the housing estate.

  • In 1674 the first cargo of tobacco arrived in Glasgow.

  • From 1872 they were replaced by horse-drawn trams.

The end of council housing

The author now lives in New York with his husband after becoming a leading fashion designer, working around the globe with major brands also including Gap.

  • This review, by Stephanie Cross, first appeared in the Scottish Daily Mail on July 31 Advertisement In the book Shuggie Bain, there is a family named McAvennie — including a member named Francis — inspired by conversations Stuart heard growing up in Pollok in the 1980s.

  • And the Francis McAvennie in the book is a totally fictitious character.

  • The tonnage of ships built in the city rose from 20,000 in the year 1850 to 5000,000 in 1900.