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I'm sure every celeb, producer, exec in Hollywood wanted a piece of her, so I commend her decision, but regret I only briefly had the pleasure.

  • As years past and internet communication became more available, I was able to finally locate and order this very special edition.

  • This woman has a glorious and sexy body that should be celebrated! Previously known as Vanity, as she was christened by Prince, throughout the electrifying 1980s, Vanity reigned hard as a skinternational sex symbol who was breast known for her bone inducing lyrics, nipple peaking lingerie and in-your-face ass-baring live performances.

  • I never saw her in person : Playboy April 1988 is 174 pages and on the front cover is a picture of Vanity real name: Denise Katrina Matthews.

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Say what you will about showing the goods, it's still considered an honor to be asked to be in Playboy, and the famous women who've done it have made their fans happy and converted new ones.

  • I was mote than pleased to actually cast my eyes on her loviness.

  • The promotional stunt has sparked outrage among a number of people, who say the imagery is inappropriate for public consumption.

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