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Pig stream guinea Watch Angry

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Since that time, they have been largely replaced by other rodents, such as and.

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  • In the books, two guinea pigs named Enrico and Caruso are modern-day thespians named after who serve as secondary characters, and often irritate the main character, , who strongly dislikes their acting antics.

  • Male guinea pigs may mark their territory in this way when they are put back into their cages after being taken out.

Guinea pig


  • Sub-Saharan Africa Efforts have been made to promote guinea pig in developing countries of , where they occur more widely than generally known because they are usually not covered by livestock statistics.

  • Health problems Common ailments in domestic guinea pigs include , , scurvy vitamin C deficiency, typically characterized by sluggishness , due to infection often in the neck, due to hay embedded in the throat, or from external scratches , and infections by , , or.

  • They are raised for their meat and are a culinary staple in the , where they are known as cuy.