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Retro Futurism: 1969's 'Moon Zero Two' Was Set In The Year 2021

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I quote in that regard a press communique which sums up some of the innovations in the calm, measured prose that P.

  • Moon Zero Two shares Barbarella's vibe that the future when we're not wearing space suits will look like a groovy nightclub, with plenty of miniskirts, clingy jumpsuits, and.

  • Now John Koenig must fight to save Alpha as his people fall under the same fate.

  • And, yes, Robert Conrad seemed to have a complex or something, but my God he was great to look at, both in his pretty years and his macho ones! Again, not from the Battle, but did participate and can be seen elsewhere on this site in his green Speedo.

Retro Futurism: 1969's 'Moon Zero Two' Was Set In The Year 2021

I had forgotten that Jan and Paul were ever married.

  • After her graduation, Zee went on to Valparaiso University, where she attained a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology as well as a major in both mathematics and Spanish.

  • As is usual, we commemorate the occasion with a random assortment of male celebrities trotting around in swim trunks or, whenever possible, Speedos! The hottest images and pictures of Catherine Schell are truly epic.

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