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Interview: Chase Masterson On Taking Leeta From Dabo Girl To Becoming The Lucy & Ricky Of Star Trek: DS9

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Chase Masterson

Chase Masterson

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  • Chase Masterson is an American on-screen character and vocalist known for depicting Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a job she has repeated in Star Trek Online.

  • The winner of the Pageant will be selected by a panel of judges—all proven to have a geek fetish, including members of the Texas Bikini Team.

  • So far I have been in nine episodes and I am excited to see what is ahead.


He's right, judging by the flood of contestants.

  • Did you ever experience that kind of thing? People start going towards it and they're never heard from again! Her father name is Joe Demko.

  • But she is also a very attractive woman in her early twenties.

  • Hope you can tune in, and pass the word along to members of your fan club, if you can--it's going to be fun! So, it really is a multi-layered character that is fun to get into.