Francoise yip sexy - ‎Infatuation (1995) directed by Jimmy Sin Chi

Sexy francoise yip ‎Infatuation (1995)

Sexy francoise yip ‎Infatuation (1995)

On Fire (1996)

Sexy francoise yip Infatuation (1995)

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Sexy francoise yip Françoise Yip

Francoise Yip

Sexy francoise yip 12 Francoise

Sexy francoise yip Wild (1996)

Sexy francoise yip ‎Infatuation (1995)

Sexy francoise yip ‎Infatuation (1995)

Sexy francoise yip Infatuation (1995)

Sexy francoise yip On Fire

Wild (1996)

Infatuation (1995)

That career didn't last long, but she did get the opportunity to star with Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx.

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  • At an early age Francoise passed on an opportunity to study in music and chose to persue a degree in Political Science.

  • She showed up as two distinct characters in the American activity thrillers Aliens versus Predator: Requiem and The Predator as Ms.

Françoise Yip

Francoise Yip is sexy, but not much of an actress.

  • Year: 1995 Director: Jimmy Shin Chi-Wai Cast: , Wong Chung-Kwun, Money Lo Man-Yi, , Ng Doi-Yung The Skinny: Other-woman thriller that has a few gripping moments, but the overall product is so ridiculous that it's hard to be affected, much less keep a straight face.

  • I always wondered what happened to Francoise.

  • For her work, she earned two Hong Kong Film Award.