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Jewel Kilcher Bio, Affair, Divorce, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Age

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20 Stunning Photos of Royal Jewels

Coins and Diamonds can be used to purchase items in the Shop which allows you to purchase the booster weapons.

  • After Ian rejects this offer and saves Gwen from Kale and Morgana, the princess assures him that no matter what shape he takes, she will always be his friend.

  • Eating Pacman: When a Pacman is eaten by an opposing ghost, the Pacman returns to its starting position as a ghost.

  • Jaime Meline, better known as El-P, and Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike, first met through a mutual friend, Adult Swim exec Jason DeMarco.


Like their kids, Jewel is worried about the sanctuary's economic woes.

  • It's shown that she wants the best for them, as she tries to persuade Blu that they should stay in the Amazon because the kids love being in the wild.

  • Trying to locate the jewel, the Jewel Riders find instead the magical genie Guardian intent on protecting the magical treasures of the ancient Hall of Wizards.

  • When the tribe finds Blu and Nigel, Jewel rushes to Blu's side, but when she sees Nigel, Jewel is clearly surprised as she hadn't expected him to survive his encounter with Blu in Rio.