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To help inspire girls to be themselves? The basic color scheme for soldiers is black with yellow trim, although red trim may also be used sparingly.

  • It feels most fitting that he be remembered with an act of generosity.

  • The Army of Toy Soldiers have decided to continue on as an organization, switching their focus from promoting the entertainer to promoting the philosophy he presented, such as the importance of creativity and building one's own Utopian Playland.

  • Fractal carefully outlined the pros fun! I believe that Suicide Girls can be a powerful, life-changing experience for some people — just not for me.

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A few years later, he began performing at venues like The Key Club and the California Institute of Abnormalarts.

  • The Army considers itself a movement for social change, and since Steel's retirement it has begun to distance itself from Steel, but continue as an organization dedicated to promoting fun and its members' creative endeavors.

  • In fact, as long as Barbies exist, it seems Alternative Barbie should get a place on the shelf, too.

  • More than a place to look at naked pictures, the site gave models and girls who realized they could be models, too confidence, reclusive techies and morose Skinny Puppy fans community, and all members of a variety of subcultures a shared, proud identity in their outsider-ness.