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Sets & Props Shading Artist

Department: Sets & Props Shading


MISION: Ilion Studios is looking for sets & props shading artists to create texture maps and materials and applies UV coordinates for movie’s environment or props meshes.

Main responsibilities

• Paints textures both from scratch and by utilizing photography and pre-existing textures
• Precisely and accurately follows reference and direction to create the desired look of a surface
• Creates multiple texture map layers for surfaces and understand how they work and interact with lights in 3D scenes
• Works with a production team and visual effects supervisor to create the desired look for characters that may reflect any of a wide variety of styles


• Clear understanding of UV’s and texture layout
• A good eye for color, composition and detail as it relates to organic models
• A strong understanding of how things should look and feel given specific artistic direction or reference

• 2-3 experience in feature film, commercial and/or video game production with an emphasis on texture painting
• Extensive experience with Photoshop, Mari and substance.
• Experience with traditional drawing, and/or painting a plus

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