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Scene Composing Artist

Department: Scene Compo


An Scene Composing Artist is responsible for managing all of the necessary assets of the sequences, following up its progress from the previzualization to the lighting. In addition, is responsible for the overall scene management during the whole process, tracking the assets used and their status throughout.

Main responsibilities

• Ensure assets are ready to be used from the previzualization to the backend
• Check and maintain consistency of the material that is published and collected from other departments
• Rendering complex scenes
• Ability to identify opportunities for optimization, and propose creative solutions to problems related to scene complexity


• Extensive knowledge of Maya is necessary
• Artistic skills in image composition
• Programming skills in MEL / Python will be taken into consideration


• Respect for the procedures and requirements of the studio, production and pipeline.
• Good communication skills
• Organized
• High level of English language
• Required European Union work permit

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