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Production Coordinator

Department: Production


As a Production Coordinator you are an integral part of the production process in keeping the department(s) running smoothly. A Production Coordinator works closely with their Production Supervisor, Department Head and Artists in the department(s) they are assigned.


Main responsibilities

●     Understands the department(s) and works with Production Supervisor and Department Head to maintain and manage the department schedule.

●     Under the guidance of the Production Supervisor, tracks progress of tasks for assigned artists or sequences in Shotgun to reflect scheduled, in-progress, and completed departmental work. Collaborate with other coordinators and supervisors to keep all data accurate and current.

●     Partner with the Production Supervisor and Department Head to set the priorities of the department taking into account the priorities of the show that are established by the Production Supervisors and the Production Manager.

●     Follows up with Artist Leads on a daily basis to ensure task deliveries remain on schedule

●     Assists Production Supervisor with maintaining quotas, deadlines & inventory, ensuring departmental productivity goals are consistently met. Generate weekly report from department, quota… Bring concerns about potential schedule or budget overruns to the Production Supervisor and Production Manager.

●     Understands the department’s workflow from the area she/he is attached to and understands the dependencies from departments of other areas. Act as a point of coordination of work that enters and leaves the department ensuring  procedures are followed to ensure workflow from one department to the next is as seamless as possible.

●     Communicates with other departments regarding department needs

●     Proactively respond to requests for information and assistance from those within and outside of the department.

●     Stays abreast of issues on the floor and elevates information appropriately to Production Supervisor.

●     Acts as a secondary contact for questions when the Production Supervisor is unavailable.

●     Assists the Department Head and CG Supervisor in dealing with issues related to the department

●     Coordinates crew meetings.

●     Schedule meetings at the request of the Department Head and Lead(s). Proactively maintain the calendar with alertness to topics, deadlines and conflicts. Manage the schedules of key personnel.

●     Responsible for multiple dailies sessions each day, as well as client reviews.

●     Ensure proper preparation for all meetings and reviews. Set up Cinesync/RV sessions. Record and publish notes from meetings and reviews that accurately reflect action items and an appropriate sense of urgency.

●     Review all incoming notes for department relevance and distribute as needed

●     Able to navigate the asset browser. Able to pull up shots and models, using Shotgun, and manages technical issues during rounds and approvals.

●     Willing to take on new challenges in order to have a more detailed knowledge of the department and pipeline.

●     Mentor the Production Assistants.

●     Helps maintain a positive team environment.



●     Three years of practical experience, preferably as a Production Coordinator in feature-animation film production or VFX production.

●     Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications or related field.

●     Strong work ethic

●     Positive attitude and effective interpersonal skills

●     Ability to take direction positively, work well within a team and thrive under the pressure of tight deadlines

●     Candidates should be well organized, highly self-motivated individuals who function well in fast-paced, frenetic production-based environment.

●     Willingness to take initiative and resolve problems

●     Great attention to detail

●     Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team

●     Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

●     Professional working knowledge of Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word.

●     Experience with production tracking software is a plus (for example, Shotgun)

●     Must speak/write Spanish and English

●     Must be a European Union Resident.


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