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Meg Turney

Heartbreaking to find out about this.

  • Retrieved on 7 December 2012.

  • Other videos may be edited to remove him rather than removing the videos entirely.

  • Meg presented episodes of ; Rooster Teeth's news show.

Meg Turney

This is someone who has hurt every member of what was his team, and while they can't remove every second of him im sure they would appreciate if people refrained from enjoying any content of theirs that they couldn't cut him from.

  • Will people who've made YouTube compilations or clips involving Edgar or Still In The Air or what have you be forced to take their vids down? He also went to Georgia Southern University for six years, where he took courses in computer engineering, computer science, broadcast, and theatre.

  • I want to give a huge thanks to for the amazing response time.

  • As of March 2019, he is now a of the United States.