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The once elite Oni group became mere petty thieves who mugged anyone going through their scattered hideouts around the Ikebukuro Tunnel.

  • Although he was now mathematically eliminated from the championship as a result of Vettel finishing third, the Lotus name celebrated its first win since the which was won by.

  • He retired from the after being involved in an incident on the first lap.

  • Alonso shortly afterwards passed Hamilton, who fell progressively down the order.


Aside from the regular Oni, there were also four Oni with special powers, , , and , who were once the Mantra's elite, before somehow falling out with the army's commander,.

  • Their disqualification and a race reclassification would have seen Hamilton lifted from seventh to fourth in the race result.

  • In the Saturday's qualifying, Räikkönen made it to fifth, but was demoted to the 22nd and last grid spot due to his E21 car failing a post-qualifying floor deflection test.

  • At the , Räikkönen suffered a ten-place grid-penalty following the replacement of his new specification Mercedes Benz engine which failed in Friday practice.