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Violet star law lyra AVN最優秀新人賞

Lyria of Lagalos


What man terms evil is therefore, in common with matter, merely the least degree of its own opposite.

  • Additionally, the goal of creating multiple stations of identity was to experience evolutionary themes throughout time and space from the perspective of many points of consciousness located throughout the dimensional spectrum, that would eventually return back to integrate all aspects into wholeness at the end of the time cycle.

  • For One and for All! Instead, the nonhuman imposters stole our identity when they invaded and then promptly made themselves the Gods and rulers of this system.

  • I was born in 1973.

Vixen (TV Series 2016– )

They came to clear the earth of its corruption and societal illnesses while teaching humanity what true integrity means.

  • The third and fourth strings, having the same ratio as the first and second strings, produced another harmony of the diatessaron.

  • What that means is that the template of the energetic form is being upgraded in such ways to assist the human species being able to work with transducing the new frequencies coming through our bodily and energetic systems at this time.

  • Courteney Cox Personal Biography Basic Stats Information:.